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Many families own a business and rely upon it for their income and future wealth goals. So its important to ensure you’re protected against unforeseen events.

Key Person Insurance

Provides compensation for financial loss or expenses suffered when an insurable event occurs with respect to a key person of the business.

Business Expenses Insurance

Designed to cover the ongoing fixed expenses of a business in the event that a key revenue generator is not able to contribute to the business.

Spouse / Partner Insurance

The impact on you and your ability to run your business can be severely affected should something happen to your spouse or partner, through illness, accident or death. Provision for them should always be considered when tailoring your financial plan.

Debt Reduction or Guarantor Insurance

Provides business owners and guarantors additional security by ensuring that the business debt guarantee provided by that director/guarantor is fully repaid, upon the occurrence of an insured event.


Clinton & Jen & the FCA Team

Clinton & Jen & the FCA Team